Sankat Mochan Foundation
Not a drop of Sewage water in Ganga


The Sankat Mochan Foundation (SMF), is a Varanasi based registered society committed to clean Ganga ji. Comprising of active and committed members of the society, university professors, practicing religious people, poets, student representatives and friends of Ganga ji all over the world SMF is well respected for its work to clean Ganga ji at Varanasi.

Working since 1982 SMF has the credit of presenting a comprehensive plan to stop total flow of sewage from the city of Varanasi into Ganga ji with a two step plan. First, by laying watertight interceptors along the banks of Ganga, Varuna and Assi Rivers. Then, employing an Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond System (AIWPS), which uses minimal electricity to treat sewage, reducing the organic content and fecal coliform bacteria in sewage remarkably. This plan would clean Ganga at Varanasi, and serve as a model for other Indian cities. The Ganga river basin is the most polluted and populace river basin in the world. In many areas access to electricity and funds are limited. This plan can be replicated at low cost and remain self sustaining. We envision a Ganga whose physical purity reflects her spiritual purity, and we know it to be possible.

A Brief History

The comprehensive plan was made at the request of Varanasi Nagar Nigam (VNN) as an alternative to the Govt’s Ganga Action Plan (run between 1986-1994) and to satisfy the objectives of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) launched in Varanasi in 1986 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ji. The comprehensive plan was submitted to VNN in 1997 and was unanimously accepted by the House of VNN. SMF has been struggling since then to see the plan is implemented in Varanasi to stop flow of sewage in Ganga to clean Ganga in Varanasi.

In the year 2001 the aforesaid SMF’s comprehensive plan was not chosen by the NRCD, GoI for its implementation. The implementation of the plan prepared by nodal agency of GoUP based on conventional technology was chosen for implementation in second phase of GAP(GAP-II).

In 2007 Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh ji chaired a meeting in PMO where holistic plan for conserving and cleaning all rivers of India was presented by the NRCD. Activists and knowledgeable retired GoI Secretaries and organizations like SMF were invited to attend the meeting. SMF was requested in the meeting to present state of Ganga in Varanasi and various plans running to clean Ganga in the holy city. SMF’s presentation was received favorably and consensus emerged to prioritize works to clean Ganga in Varanasi and use innovative plans like the comprehensive plan of SMF.

On 30th June 2008 NRCD asked SMF (i) to prepare Detailed Project Report (DPR) and build 37 mld AIWPS STP at Ramana and (ii) prepare DPR of the interceptor of about 100 mld sewage handling capacity for Varanasi Ghats on Ganga and adjoining areas. SMF along with its associate GO2 Water, Inc. have been entrusted with the job. Time is running out without commencement of any concrete work in Varanasi to clean Ganga. In 2011 the World Bank loanded the GoI one billion USD to clean the Ganga. The World Bank and GoI’s deadline is 2020 for National Mission for Clean Ganga. SMF is currently in negotiations with the GoI and working diligently to see this plan put in action for Ganga and the people of India.

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